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CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


CRM (customer relationship management) in French GRC (customer relationship management) is the set of tools and techniques to strengthen communication between the company and its customers.

Software packages allow you to capture, process, analyse information about customers and prospects, in order to retain them by offering the best service.

These prosoftwares offer, thus, the possibility to automate the different stages of the relationship with the client: whether on the pre-sales plan (market study to study the needs of the customers), the sale (piloting tools for the Marketing (customer service management) and after-sales service (customer support via call centers).

«In expert organizations, customer relationship management (CRM) is an integrated management process for which software is just a facilitator.

An effective CRM integrates the data of individual clients from multiple sources in order to mutually profitable however, often, resulting in an inefficient strategy development, there is confusion between the CRM and the information system that allows it, » explains Susan Baker.

What does a CRM software do?
However CRM software records customer details, such as email addresses, phone numbers, social media profiles and more.

It can also automatically extract other information, such as the latest news about the company’s activities, but also store data such as customer preferences for communications.

The CRM system organizes this information to provide you with a complete record of individuals and companies so you can better understand your relationships over time.

The software improves the management of customer relationships by creating a 360 ° view of customers, capturing their interactions with the company and highlighting the data needed to improve customer conversations.

Why is a CRM important?

CRM allows a company to deepen relationships with customers, service users, colleagues, partners and suppliers.

As a result establishing good relationships and tracking leads and clients is crucial to acquiring and retaining customers, two imperatives at the heart of the function. Get a global view from a central location: a simple and customizable control panel that tracks the customer’s interaction history, order status, any unresolved service issues and more.

however gartner predicts that by 2021, CRM technology will be the main commercial expense for the software. If you want to maintain your business, you must implement a strategy for the future. For visionary companies, is the ideal framework for this strategy.

It changes everything!!


It changes everything: the market, the technology, the behaviors of people. For companies it is not automatic to adapt to these scenario changes. Digital transformation needs time, resources, medium-long-term strategy, Branding, Design and Marketing services to review/optimize their presence in the industry, online and off-line.

This involves an increase in the variables to be kept under control, a multiplication of data to be recorded and monitored month after month. The risk of losing their way is too high.

Fortunately, there is something we can automate: the management of leads and the entire sales process.

Why does HubSpot work to attract new customers online?

HubSpot is a Marketing Automation software with, at the base, a CRM that helps you to take care of the customer, from the first contact with your company.

A complex process, but thanks to the Automation and the guarantee of working 24h on 24, gives serenity to entrepreneurs, always too pressed by a thousand controls, check, monitors, evaluations, metrics.

The first advantage of HubSpot is to bring together in a single platform every action aimed at conquering new customers:

Sending newsletters (which in the Inbound methodology means sending personalized e-mails to a well-specific segment)

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Management and planning of corporate blog posts

Registration Management

Social media Promotions (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)

Web site Implementation

and countless other features (as we’ll see).

All-In-One, no need for anything else.

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A single glance and everything is monitored, day after day, with great energy savings, focus on productivity and alignment of the sales team with the marketing team.

If the company has adopted the right strategic approach and solid content planning, then the tool to ensure the best results in the shortest time is a Marketing Automation software like HubSpot, because-data to hand-reveals itself Higher than any other level of performance experienced.

A right arm, therefore, within the company, to which to entrust the online image of the company and build a complete digital presence. Obviously the settings are so customizable and various that only a competent strategic consultancy can help the entrepreneur in the setting and evaluation of every possible variable.

The countless integrations allow you to manage in an impeccable way the campaigns of Inbound Marketing organized for your business.

Inbound Marketing is an innovative methodology, not a trend of the moment, verified in its scientific. The term was coined by the company HubSpot, who first guessed the potential of this new method to acquire and retain more customers to companies.

The 4 phases of the winning method:

Attract: To bring the right traffic to the company site, according to the profile of Buyer person that we will have outlined in the initial phase. Among the most effective tools, recommended for this phase: blog, SEO, Web pages, social.

Convert: The next step is to convert visitors into new leads, getting their contact information. Among the tools we use the most in this phase, we find: form, CTA, landing page.

Close: The next stage of the funnel requires that new contacts become consumers of the product or service, then new customers for the company. The ideal tools to accomplish this are: CRM such as HubSpot, Report, E-mail, Marketing Automation.

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Loyalty: That is to delight and continue to cultivate the relationship born with the new customer, to push it to buy again and make it become a real promoter of your business. The best tools for this stage: polls, high quality content, social.

The control is complete and the interface simple and intuitive. An instrument of this magnitude allows to simplify operations and processes that are otherwise difficult and very long to manage, with a margin of error that would rise too much if entrusted to the only manual control by man.

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The company’s human resources finally have the time and mental freedom to focus on optimizations, possible interventions, improvements needed to strengthen the business.

How to use hubspot within the company

In summary, here is a list of actions that we can implement immediately in the company, compatible with other technologies already present:

Manage the site independently as a normal CMS (type WordPress).

Business school for people


Business school for people who like to help others When I was still a kid my father taught me that what really makes a rich man rich is to have a system or a business network he explained to me that people like Thomas Edison and Henry Ford do not know they got rich just for having created a product but because they built systems and business networks so that

their products could benefit millions and millions of people all over the world instead of just one Squad. There are many ways to become a rich person. find the one that works best for you a network marketing business is a new and revolutionary way to build a great wealth and this book was about the values ​​that the industry offers you so you can become a very successful person value number 1 a fair opportunity a network

marketing business has an open door policy no matter your age your profession your experience if you are a person who has a little money and many other factors just your desire to learn and to undertake as long as you have a good attitude in this industry has received a lot of support from more experienced people who will be happy to help you on your way today. Many marketing companies in Network are spreading prosperity with their economic opportunity all over the world in fact not only have thrived in developed countries but also they are succeeding in developing

countries bringing financial hope to millions of people living in poor countries value number 2 business education that changes lives many serious companies within this industry have excellent compensation plans that make it possible to generate very high income high quality products that can positively impact the lives of millions of people though. Although the payment plan and the products are fundamentals between a company the most important aspect c Consider in this business is the educational system that offers since the skills that

you will learn and developed are those that will make you rich some of the most important skills that Network Marketing teaches are attitude of success Leadership skills communication and dealing with people overcoming personal fears to doubts to rejection and lack of confidence skills money management investments time management learn to set goals to get dressed

for success greater number three friends that pull you up instead of pushing you down for me the hardest part of leaving a secure job and starting a business was to struggle with what that my best friends my family my co-workers could say or think when it happens is why let me know that this trip is a process is not a scheme to get rich.

Minors on the Internet: The importance of parental control


Minors on the Internet:
Minors on the Internet: The importance of parental control, how many times have you seen a child using a smartphone or tablet and you have thought:

“You have to see, if you know how it works better than me”?

We even find it funny that our young children know how to play a mobile app or open YouTube and look for a video of their favorite drawings.

The proliferation and progressive simplicity of all these devices and the almost unlimited accessibility to the Internet is making it possible for children to have more and more contact with a multitude of electronic devices and, in many cases.

They are the ones who are in charge of Teach your parents how to use them.

But we must not forget that.
although a priori this whole world can provide them with useful tools when studying or training, for example, it can also pose dangers.

Many of them inadequate for minors: violence, pornography, radicalism… Not to mention problems such as cyberbullying or sexting.

Therefore, parents should be aware of the importance of supervising and directing their minors on the Internet use of new technologies and helping them, especially at an early age.

Fortunately, the same network offers parents a multitude of parental control platforms and tools that can be useful in these situations.

There are many parental control tools compatible with both Windows and Android, some of the best known are: Windows family Safety, Qustodio, Norton family, KidLogger or K9 Web Protection.

What features incorporate parental control systems?
Most parental control tools or applications work in a similar way and can include features like the following:

Web monitoring and control: This is, surely, the most important functionality of parental control systems and allows parents to consult the websites most visited by their children and configure the call “Blacklist”.

Activity reports: It consists of the possibility of establishing the periodic submission of reports on the activity and behavior of minors during the use of the device.

Blocking applications or programs: With this option parents can determine that minors on the Internet do not have access to certain programs or applications (social networks, messaging applications…).

Setting up a “safe zone”: This functionality allows you to establish a security zone to which the minors on the Internet can access, while other parts of the device that can contain, for example, the information that children should not have access to, are protected.

Netflix Hidden categories: What they are and how to enter them


Netflix Hidden categories: What they are and how to enter them

Today we’re going to explain what they are and how to get into the hidden categories of Netflix. It is a series of very specific categories with which the platform organizes its films by specific subgenres, and that can help you save a lot of time when you are looking for a series, film or documentary on a very specific topic.

Let’s start by explaining exactly what the hidden categories are, and then we will go to show you how you can access them using your browser, but then you can see it on tv. Finally we will show you some of the main hidden categories, but only a few tens, because you have several thousands of them to Explore.

What are the hidden categories of Netflix?
Netflix organizes all of its content into Categories. Many of them you can see in the main screen of your profile when you enter it, but there are thousands of other categories that remain hidden and you can not access them unless you know the exact code they represent and put it in your browser.

These categories can help internally to relate films of similar themes, but you can also visit them to find a movie with a very specific theme. For example, It is not the same to look for a simple thriller than an action thriller or a thriller about supernatural Events.

How to get into the hidden categories of Netflix
When you enter a Netflix category with your browser, this generates a specific URL with a code that represents this Category. well, to enter all categories that are not shown on the main screen you only have to change this code for the category you want to visit. It will suffice to write the following URL in the directional and replace the final part:

The last part of this URL, that of SUSTITUYEPORELNÚMERO is the numerical code of each category, so to enter a hidden you have to know its code. Below you have a list of the main hidden categories and Subcategorys of Netflix, in which in parentheses we have added the code to access Them. They are only a small part of the thousands that are available, and at the end of the list we will tell you how to see the Others.

Action and Adventure (1365)
Asian action films (77232)
Action-adventure Classics (46576)
Action Comedies (43040)
Action Thrillers (43048)
Adventures (7442)
Films about comics and superheroes (10118)
Western Films (7700)
Action and Adventures of Spies (10702)
Action and Police Adventures (9584)
Martial arts Films (8985)
Action and Adventure War (2125)
Anime (7424)
Animation for Adults (11881)
Action Animes (2653)
Comedy Anime (9302)
Drama Animes (452)
Anime feature films (3063)
Sci-Fi Anime (2729)
Anime of Terror (10695)
Fantastic Animes (11146)
Anime Series (6721)
Movies for the whole family (783)
Films for 0 to 2 years (6796)
Films for 2 to 4 years (6218)
Films for 5 to 7 years (5455)
Films for 8 to 10 years (561)
Films for 11 to 12 years (6962)
Educational for Children (10659)
Disney (67673)
Children’s book-based Movies (10056)
Family feature films (51056)
Cartoon TV (11177)
Children’s TV (27346)
With music for children (52843)
Animal Stories (5507)
Classic films (31574)
Classic comedies (31694)
Classic Dramas (29809)
Science fiction and Fantastic classics (47147)
Classic Thrillers (46588)
Film noir (7687)
Classic War Films (48744)
Epics (52858)
Fashion films (53310)
Classic Westerns (47465)
Comedies (6548)
Comedies of black humour (869)
Night Comedies (1402)
False Documentaries (26)
Political comedies (2700)
Tangled comedies (9702)
Sports comedies (5286)
Monologues of humorists (11559)
Juvenile comedies (3519)
Parodies (4922)
Romantic comedies (5475)
Comedies of blows and beating (10256)
Cult films (7627)
Horror Movies Series B (8195)
Petard Films (1252)
Cult horror films (10944)
Science fiction and fantastic cult (4734)
Cult comedies (9434)
Documentaries (6839)
Biographical documentaries (3652)
Documentaries on Crimes (9875)
Historical documentaries (5349)
War documentaries (4006)
Documentaries on sports (180)
Music and concert Documentaries (90361)
Travel and adventure Documentaries (1159)
Documentaries on politics (7018)
Religious documentaries (10005)
Documentaries on science and Nature (2595)
Social and cultural documentaries (3675)
Dramas (5763)
Biográ Dramas

HP EliteBook x36HP EliteBook x360 1030 G3, analysis: a convertible ultrabook safe from prying eyes0 1030 G3, analysis: a convertible ultrabook safe from prying eyes


HP EliteBook x360 1030 G3, analysis: a convertible ultrabook safe from prying eyes

HP is still one of the most convertible and full-featured PC manufacturers on the Market. The new HP Elitebook x360 1030 G3 is the benchmark team within the new releases for the Company’s world of Work.

In Engadget we have been testing a week and this is our complete analysis.

HP Elitebook x360 1030 G3, Technical Sheet
Almost twin brother of the Spectre x360, the HP Elitebook x360 1030 G3 is the new professional cutting equipment and the most working environment that consumes the manufacturer more options in the world of convertible ultrabooks.

13.3 inch Full HD IPS LCD display, 700 Gloss nits, Matte Finish
Resolution 1,920 x 1,080 dots
Intel Core I7-8650U 1.9 Ghz Processor
Intel UHD 620 Graphics
RAM 16 GB LPDDR3-2133
Sound and WEBCAM Bang & Olufsen sound with 4 stereo speakers/1080p camera and infrared
Version OS Windows 10 Pro
Intel Dual Band Wireless-ac 8265 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2 x 2) Wi-Fi/Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity
2 x USB-C (laptop load, video output and data transfer up to 5 GB/s)
1 x USB 3.1/1 x HDMI 1.4/1 x 3.5 mm earphone Jack/nanoSIM slot
Weight 1.25 Kg
Price from 1800 euros

The HP Elitebook x360 1030 G3 is a minor update to the model of last year, which has improved the appearance, tweaked some elements primarily of connectivity, and equipped with the new eighth-generation processors of Intel. The graphic section, The weakest of the team, pivots all over the integrated Intel UHD 620, much as the surname 1030 can lead to misconception about the presence or not of a dedicated NVIDIA.

Despite his strange surname the HP Elitebook x360 1030 G3 does not offer graphic solutions dedicated
All this has been seasoned by elements that are welcome in the environment of the workers in mobility, like the slot for NanoSIM or an extra of security at both hardware and software level.

The attractiveness of the well finished metal
HP, with logo change recently, has updated the design of its portable equipment in a radical way, providing them an attraction that gives an extra value to its catalog. Talking about a model committed to the scope of the company no longer means careless in the aesthetic Aspect.

The HP Elitebook x360 1030 G3 Design combines visual appeal, correct dimensions and a high-level metallic finish
Just look at the new HP Elitebook x360 1030 G3, which presents metallic finish throughout your body, with casing well finished, rounded at its ends so that it is not aggressive and with a matte finish pleasing to the touch and very clean, which helps to keep the equipment Impolu To the day to Day.

Elitebook Design Colors
The laptop, without beating records of lightness or thinness, has dimensions contained and very balanced for the market to which it is Aimed. It has a weight of just over 1.2 kg and a thickness of 1.5 cm, So when we want to use it as a tablet, it is not an uncomfortable or unmanageable model.

We have indicated that we can use it as a tablet because we are in front of a fully convertible laptop where the screen completely abates (180 degrees) on the Keyboard. It does this thanks to a robust hinge system that allows you to reliably stop the Screen’s dejection at any Point. The resistance to displacement is perfect, holding its own weight while not require more than a hand for the opening of the Equipment.

Elitebook Hinges
The good metallic finish of the outer casing remains identical inside. There are two side speakers that occupy the space between the keyboard and the edge of the team, and are signed by Bang & Olufsen, in charge of the sound of this laptop.

They detect a malware that is not eliminated even when reinstalling the operating system or erasing the hard disk


They detect a malware that is not eliminated even when reinstalling the operating system or erasing the hard disk

LoJax is a new malware detected that is unique in the WORLD. Unlike other malicious codes, this you can not undo by passing an antivirus or restoring the Computer. The malware resists and re-infects the computer again and again, because it lives on the Computer’s Motherboard.

According to the ESET security company, they have discovered a powerful new malware called LoJax on the computer of one of the victims Affected. But they have not found it in the operating system or in a file on the hard disk as such, but in a more private part still of the computer, in the UEFI.

The UEFI is very similar to the BIOS, its successor Indeed. But if you do not know what the BIOS is, let’s say that the UEFI is the firmware charged to start the computer and all its components. It is the first thing that runs when you turn on the computer, and allowing you to install an operating system on it for example, because it turns on and controls all Components.

In Engadget
UEFI and BIOS: what are the differences?
well, as indicated by the security firm ESET, the malware LoJax What it does is that once manages to run on the Victim’s computer modify the UEFI of the Same. UEFI is a delicate part of the computer and is usually not altered. therefore, It is also one of the least suspicious places on the computer where one expects to find a malware. Once it is installed in the UEFI, it only has to be deployed again and again by the computer whenever the operating system is reinstalled or the hard disk is Restored/changed.

A theoretical method so far reserved for security conferences
Access the UEFI, modify it and run from there a malware has always been more a theoretical method than practical. According to ESET, so far they have seen some concepts and tests, but none real and fully functional. So much so that the attacks from the UEFI are more present in security talks as possible methods in the future than methods put into practice.

LoJax malware is noteworthy for two Reasons. The first of these is that it shows that you can actually run and deploy malware from the UEFI, so it may not be the only one in its working category. The second one is by the origin of LoJax: an anti-theft system called just LoJack.

Researchers have determined that LoJax is a modification of LoJack anti-theft software. This software, to be able to track stolen equipment is installed in the firmware of the motherboard, in this way even if the thieves restore the computer, they will continue to be able to trace it. moreover, even many computers allow easy installation of LoJack to determine which is a “good intentions ” Software. Running malware LoJax seems to have been simple in that case.

In Engadget
There is a new method used, allegedly, by Chinese hackers to attack other governments: sending CDs via postal mail
Get rid of malware (almost) impossible to delete
Although it seems almost impossible to get rid of LoJax if a team is infected, the truth is that there are ways to do So. The simplest and most effective solution can be to throw the computer and destroy Martillzos the Motherboard. But if you are not willing to that, keep in mind that reinstalling over and over again Windows is not going to Work.

What does work is to install a new firmware on the Motherboard. Modifying the UEFI is not a simple task, but it does seem to be the only real method that completely removes LoJax. And of course, add a hard drive completely restored PREVIOUSLY.

Apple Watch Series 4, analysis: Just a little more screen is enough to stay on top of the smartwaches


Apple Watch Series 4, analysis: Just a little more screen is enough to stay on top of the smartwaches

For some, Apple’s latest presentation in september, the Apple Watch Series 4 is the most outstanding product. Without extreme changes at the design level, the renovation confirms it as the smartwatch with the most successful approach of the market and an important future ahead.

This is the Engadget analysis of the Apple Watch Series 4.

More screen, more information with a twist of wrist
The new Apple Watch Series 4 is the most important redesign since its launch in 2015 (it was presented a few months earlier, in September 2014). It doesn’t look like it, though.


Box sizes

40 mm/44 mm


384 x 480 pixels


Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, LTE (optional)

Water resistance

Submersible up to 50 meters




aluminium, Stainless Steel


silver, space grey, gold, rose gold/silver, Black


From 429 euros

off, the new Series 4 does not look like a clock that has changed much, but it is enough to activate your screen to check that, without leaving the idea of Apple Square-screen clock, something is NEW.

and it’s there, right in front of our Eyes. The new Apple Watch Series 4 no longer has 38 and 42 mm Measurements. Now the possible choices are with designs of 40 and 44 mm. Although at first I was worried about that increase in screen size, there is no need to be afraid. There are no practical differences with respect to the two models of previous generations, Although the first impression does convey to us the Opposite.

Although by the larger screen size we may be tempted to download Apple Watch model, The logical choice is to keep the equivalent
Everything is because with smaller frames and reaching the edges, the screen occupies more in the design and that leads to confusion about the actual dimensions in our wrist of the new Apple Watch. In fact the Apple Watch Series 4, which is now thinner, has made me more comfortable to wear. and invaluable when you keep it on your wrist at night.

Apple Watch Series 4 Review Engadget
Of the quality of the screen there is no Paste. It still offers a suitable resolution for its usual use, and the brightness is very high, above 1000 nits. This makes the outdoor visualization perfect under any condition, but it also happens that indoors there are moments of printing by the luminosity of that panel when suddenly Activated.

Although we now have more screen, Apple has not left obsolete the belts of previous generations, something that will greatly appreciate those who have invested their money in having a good collection. What has changed has been the starting price, somewhat higher than in previous years ‘ Models. Right now, the Series 4 more affordable, with sport strap, each aluminum, without LTE and in size of 40 mm, costs 429 Euros.

It is the best smartwatch of the market but also one of the most expensive: from 429 euros
of what brings new on the technical level the Apple Watch I would like to highlight the system with haptic response of the digital Crown. It is very well implemented and the answer is much better than if it were physical. It is greatly appreciated to move through the options and offsets within the Apple Watch interface, as it increases the accuracy of the choice.

Apple Watch Corona Digital
It was also a success to change the microphone and loudspeaker. In the first case Apple has changed position, away from the speaker, which is now more Powerful. In both cases the improvement is very appreciable, something that as we will see, facilitates the communications using only the Apple clock. But better with headphones or in private because the sound of the speakers is really loud.

The Apple Watch as smartwatch
Whether it’s the spotlight on fashion, luxury, sport, Health and other themes for which Apple has been roaming with its Series of the Apple watch, or the little tuned that was in some cases the use of the clock to manage applications and notifications, The Apple Watch sometimes happens Unnoticed as smartwatch to Use.

The larger screen has a direct beneficiary: the smartwatch functionality of the Apple Watch
However it is a mistake to think of this device only as an element of quantification, sport clock or basic Communication. It is a smartwatch that in this generation has attained Maturity.

in 2022 there will already be autonomous robotaxis operating in the cities , Christian Ledoux (Renault)


“in 2022 there will already be autonomous robotaxis operating in the cities “, Christian Ledoux (Renault)

In the middle of a salon in Paris 2018 that is being somewhat decaffeinated (almost a score of usual brands have decided to skip the appointment), the theme of self-contained cars and how they will change the way to move has been one of the most Discussed.

In addition to a new batch of hybrid and electric cars, Renault introduced a new robotaxi, the ez-ULTIMO, which joins Ez-GO and ez-PRO, and made clear that in the future, rather than selling cars, offer services, a very large paradigm shift and we talk about CO n Christian Ledoux, Director of the Alliance Mobility services between Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi.

of Robotaxis circulating through our cities
Ez Last
Just presented the EZ-last, what can you tell us about it?

“it’s Our approach to shared robotaxi but covering a more premium spectrum. We see that it is a service that can be combined with others, like travel agencies or transport from Airports. We believe that it can be a very close experience to what users will live with autonomous electric cars in the Future. EZ-ULTIMO is a concept, but it will serve to prefigure certain elements in the vehicles that we carry to production in the next years “.

What do you bring to the previous EZ models?

“Renault’s ambition is to meet all the needs of users, so Ez-ultimate focuses on a premium segment, while Ez-GO or Ez-Pro have other uses perhaps more everyday or linked to Work. With them we want to make the cities smarter, with fewer jams and less pollution “.

How do you see that moment of the future in which autonomous cars have to share lanes with cars driven by humans?

“among Our plans we have planned that in 2022 there will already be autonomous Robotaxis operating in the Cities. It will be the point from which we offer commercial services of this kind, though not necessarily on a large scale. Perhaps we will not see then robotaxis by the Arch of Triumph of paris, but what is sure is that they are mixed with normal traffic and try to be connected with infrastructures to make travel as safe as possible “.

In Engadget
Where is the self-employed car really today and what have promised the marks at the Geneva Hall for the future
Do you see a problem with this mix of self-contained cars and normal cars?

“yes, Indeed. Regulation has to come first, and it has to go together with technological development. Today we already have experiments on autonomous cars in France or rome, but there must still be security pilots inside the car. however, we believe that in the coming years, if regulation allows, we will be able to remove those safety conductors to further progress with our EVIDENCE. first, including self-contained cars probably in their own lanes and then mixed with the Rest. It will be a progressive development “.

How much is there to make self-contained cars a normal thing on the streets?

“it’s hard to predict, frankly. There are different forecasts and the fans of dates are very wide, although I believe that the mass production of autonomous cars will be produced between 2025 and 2030. Between 2022 and 2025 will be a pre-commercial stage available for a few thousand people “.

Lobbies against the self-contained car
EZ GO Renault, Concept
If we talk about mobility now, I think we are in a delicate moment because there are many interests at stake and there are many lobbies fighting on their part. For example, in Spain we have taxis against Cabify and Uber. Don’t you think the Robotaxis can suffer rejection from those lobbies when they are implemented?

“yes, That’s a good Question. What I think is going to happen is that the mobility itself will continue to evolve and it will be the one that is shaping everything depending on the demand. today, for example, One of the limitations is to find Drivers. With the robotaxis you can compensate for that lack of drivers without damaging the taxis or the VTC. so, I think the self-contained car will drive a transition to more enriching jobs than the Driver’s. “

Ebooks: What toEbooks: What to keep in mind before you buy your first E-book keep in mind before you buy your first E-book


Ebooks: What to keep in mind before you buy your first E-book

Imagine having the possibility to store in a single device, that you can also transport anywhere, that list of books that you have promised to read, even once in your Life. For that possibility exists and has its own name: EBook.

today, our frenetic pace of life assumes that we have less time to devote to one of the oldest pleasures, reading, so the idea of having a device that does not weigh and you can transport and consult comfortably is the most at Ractiva. It is not strange, then, that the invention of electronic books has been accompanied by a resounding success. And it is that, although the most traditional still resist to renounce the classic book on paper, More and more people are opted to read their favorite books in digital format.

but, as in all aspects of life, not everything is white or black. E-books have a lot of advantages, although it is true that we always have to take into account the weak points that they present.

EBook Benefits

If the EBook stands out for something, it is because it allows to store in a single device a lot of documents (in addition to books, it allows to read magazines, newspapers, PDF documents…) and to transport and read them comfortably.
Connectivity is another one of your strengths. The most modern electronic books offer Internet connection, so you can consult the main websites to download the electronic editions of the BOOKS.
The electronic ink technology used by most of these books is another aspect to highlight. On the one hand, unlike mobiles and computers, they do not have backlight, so the reading experience is similar to that of a conventional book, ie the view does not get Tired. On the other hand, the battery consumption is much lower, so that in turn, the autonomy of the device is Greater.
We can not forget that, generally, the digital editions of books are much cheaper, because we do not have to take charge of printing costs. In this way, we can have several digital books at the price of what we would cost a physical. In addition, we can purchase the books almost instantaneously, as we have the library within reach of a click.
The ebooks are, on many occasions, great allies of people with visual impairments, since many of them include options like the possibility to show the text in different font sizes or the reproduction of audiobooks, improving the accessibility of their Content.
finally, Another advantage would be the possibility to search for a word or phrase from the text instantly. In addition, to facilitate compression, most ebooks bring in built-in dictionaries or allow easy incorporation.
EBook Disadvantages

The most important drawback of this type of device is that it is a high initial expense, so before buying it we should analyze whether it will be profitable. It is not the same as making an investment like this a person who can not spend a day without reading, another who reads two or three books a year. however, It is true that every time we can find good quality ebooks at more tight prices, so that, after all, the idea is not so crazy.
Another of the weak points of these devices is that, like electronic devices that are, they are exposed to the breakdowns that can suffer the TECHNOLOGY.
For the most nostalgic, you lose the pleasure of passing pages and that famous “smell of book” that attracts many.
finally, Another drawback is that the eBook requires minimal technological knowledge. The person who uses it should know at least how to connect to the Internet, how to download the digital edition of the book and how to pass it on to the Device.